First Bulletstorm went after Halo, now it's coming for Call of Duty's neck. They've just launched a site for their free downloadable game, Duty Calls, complete with a ridiculous video ("Here's your objective: blah blah blah, secret base. Blah blah blah, nuclear missile bomb. Blah Blah Blah, counting on you.") and a list of the game's "features":

• Duty Vision™ slows down the action so you can unload a storm of bullets
• Immersive dialogue from the front lines
• Cold, calculated realism
• Killing animations motion captured from real actors
• True-life reloading system allows for mistakes in putting the cartridge in the gun
• Iconic sound effects
• Thwart an enemy threat that could topple the country and possibly the world
• Significant and historically accurate props

The game's available now at the official site—Mac users beware, it's PC only—or just peep the video below for a taste of the ether.