If there was a such thing as the Tweeter's Choice Awards, The King's Speech would win a trophy for best movie of the year. At least that's what the website Tweetbeat found in its analysis of tweets regarding the upcoming 2011 Academy Awards.

Since the Academy Award nominations were announced last month, the website Tweetbeat has been analyzing every Oscar related tweet and compiling its findings to see what the Twitterverse thinks will happen this sunday. So, what did they find?

According to the site, The King's Speech beat out The Social Network and Black Swan, in that order, with over 25,000 votes (or tweets). Christopher Nolan's Inception, the Coen Brother's True Grit, and The Fighter rounded out the rest of the nominee list. When it came to actors and actresses, Colin Firth was a front runner for Best Actor, and Natalie Portman lead the pack for Best Actress predictions.

We think The Social Network should win Best Picture this weekend, but what do y'all think? Are these predictions on point?