Twitter must have felt someway about the fact that its native Android app wasn't among the top 10 most-used Twitter apps for Google's mobile operating system. If you're an Android user, it's easy to see why it was never highly ranked—the updates for the Android version of the official Twitter app always lagged behind those for BlackBerry and iPhone. To amend that, today Twitter launched a new version of its Android app.

Sporting a new, cleaner design, the app lets you easily access your mentions, messages, and lists. But the big feature here—besides the new universal search—is the ability for non-Twitter members to use the app. Without signing in, you can view trends, different interests, and user's timelines. Then, if you feel so inclined, you can sign up within the app.

It may not be as feature-filled as other Android Twitter apps, but it's worth the look. Download it now from the Android Market for free.

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