If you’re dissatisfied with the recent emergence of non-blockbuster film trailers, tough luck—it’s Oscar season. Plus, you see trailers with Nicholas Cage attempting to make enjoyable action flicks all the time. So, please, for a week or two, get your blood-drenched gory state of minds out the gutter and consume some knowledge of self with a flick like one of this year’s nominee for Best Foreign Film: In a Better World. Directed and written by Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier (After the Wedding), we’re taken into the life of an African refugee camp doctor, whose values of forgiveness and nonviolence get directly challenged when troubles ensue both at work and home. As implied by the title, the film, which won the Best Foreign Language Film prize during last month's Golden Globe Awards, tackles the concept of revenge without flexing the obvious notion of "hate breeds more hate." Bier's awards-magnet delves deeper into the approach by placing characters in complex circumstances that can lead to regretful decisions. Certainly, we won’t lament our preference for cosigning this drama.