It's every player's worst nightmare: The GF gets a hold of your phone, decides to do a little digging, and discovers you've been doing some extracurricular "digging" of your own. Face it, even veterans of the game leave trace evidence from time to time. And that's not even considering the wild card: The side chick with a treasure trove of text transcripts. Tiger got tripped up, and you don't have to be half as ambitious as The Cheetah to suffer the same fate.

Enter TigerText.

The new app, free and available now for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, is tailor made to clean up your tracks. The advanced text messaging service will tell you when your text has been read and, most importantly, automatically delete the text from both phones after a time period of your choosing.

It even works with photo messages.

Obviously, simply possessing something like TigerText on your phone can be enough for an app-savvy significant other to have cause for suspicion. But we're guessing professional philanderers will make the effort to keep this little helper tucked away, and sleep easier because of it.

Oh, the wonders of science.