Lars Von Trier’s viciously bleak psychological horror flick Antichrist has its fair share of money shots. Amongst other nastiness, Willem Dafoe’s crotch area gets bashed in with a block of wood and Charlotte Gainsbourg gives her clitoris a skin-fade with a pair of scissors. So, yeah, Antichrist is a real hoot! With all of its grotesquery at play, though, the film’s most notorious scene doesn’t actually show any bodily harm, at least to a human. The victim is a poor little fox, which Dafoe’s character stumbles across in a forest. After giving a horrified Dafoe a peak at its intestines, the fox utters a two-word warning that’s been mashed up to hilarious degrees by YouTube users: “Chaos reigns.” As does a snipped clit, our furry little friend.

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