Don't adjust your screen—what you just saw was Lion-O horsing around on Third Earth. G4 spotted, via Flixist, test footage of the now-nixed ThunderCats theatrical reboot project. The leaked footage matches the awful style of concept art that leaked in 2009 (remember this?) and depicts the lionhearted leader in his first fight, wielding the Sword of Omens in a rocky patch of terrain.

Warner Bros. Animation has leapfrogged Jerry O'Flaherty in reviving the franchise with an all-new animated series featuring more of a pastel-anime style. The two-minute video appears to have a more layered narrative to the ThunderCats universe, blending serious edge with sarcastic humor. Focusing on Lion-O's coming of age story instead of his battles with Mumm-Ra, Thundercats may have been blown out of the CGI water by The Clone Wars, which was cooler and better looking.