Getting tired of this fighting game renaissance yet? We're not! Thanks to the Japanese gaming wizards at Capcom, we've been blessed with numerous entries in the Street Fighter and Vs. fighting game series as of late. Fans of Super Street Fighter IV who have been awaiting news on future DLC containing the Arcade Edition update may wanna read this one. Yoshinori Ono, the famed producer behind SFIV, tweeted a few words recently that hinted at home console owners getting a piece of Street Fighter IV's Arcade Edition content.

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I make someone less unhappy! Everything's going to be all right! RT @_khany: why is SSFIV AE not being released outside arcades :( Sad newsless than a minute ago via ついっぷる/twipple

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For those who've been keeping up with the Arcade Edition, coin-op gamers are bound to get 4 badass new brawlers (which includes a very pissed-off version of Ryu and a Godlike version of Akuma) and less balanced gameplay. We don't mind getting overpowered by Zangief, just as long as we get to own fools Yin and Yang style. BRING IT ON, CAPCOM! [via VG 24/7]