Taboo's nursery-like rhymes of today aren’t much denser than his first-ever raps.

Recounting the first bars he ever spit in public, Taboo shows that the pedestrian lyrics he kicks on BEP’s many hit singles aren’t exactly the products of long-term improvement. Here’s a sample of his earliest rhymes, courtesy of Fallin’ Up: “Well it’s Taboo, chilling with my crew/So make way, coz I am coming through/And what I come to do is rock a hype show/And when I grab the mic, the crowd yells ‘Ho.’” And now, Tab’s contribution to the group’s monstrous hit “Boom Boom Pow”: “I'm on the supersonic boom/ Y'all hear the space shit zoom/ When when I step inside the room/ Them girls go ape-shit.” Does profanity factor into artistic maturity?