Taboo will get medieval on a chain-snatcher.

The setting is a club in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the Peas congregated for some post-show debauchery. Their dabbling in the fairer sex, however, made the spoken-for ladies’ boyfriends pissy, while other guys simply wanted to enjoy the same VIP area perks as the women. After unsuccessfully pleading with Taboo for entrance, one dude grabbed Taboo’s chain; one of Tab’s boys punched the guy in the mouth, which led to an all-out brawl. Once the ruckus was ended, the Peas went back to their hotel, but Tab, still tight about his chain, ripped a shower-curtain-pole out and flailed it around like a psycho in the middle of the street. Let us find out that the Black Eyed Peas are harder than most thug rappers.