Prince—yes, the pop music king—hates curse words.

Unsurprisingly, Fallin’ Up has several memories of celebrity mingling, including run-ins with Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and, yes, even John Stamos (because, really, you’re not megastar until you’ve partied with the Stamos). A standout tale involves the almighty Prince, set during a party at the icon’s house. Hoping to impress Prince with rap skills, Taboo grabbed a microphone and tried to rock the A-list crowd, starting a call-and-response chant of “Rock that shit!” Prince, not having any of that mess, had the mic removed from Tab’s clutches, and later admonished the stunned Pea with, “The slave master has you trained to always use foul language.” Who knew Prince talks like Malcolm X? This passage does include one of Tab’s better writing samples; describing the legend’s demeanor while chastising our narrator, Taboo writes, “Not once did that pencil moustache move.” We can see it like a 27-inch Zenith.