Venture into the nearest bookstore, make a beeline for the “New Releases” section, and you’ll be greeted by one of the most important stories of our time, a life’s journey for the ages. Yes, we’re talking about the new autobiography from Black Eyed Peas’ hypeman/occasional rapper Taboo, Fallin’ Up: My Story (co-written by Steve Dennis). OK, so clearly we’re joshing about his self-reflective tome’s weightiness, but—believe it or not, BEP haters—Fallin’ Up actually packs in some fun facts and bizarre anecdotes. Taboo, born Jaime Luis Gomez to a Mexican-American family with Shoshone Indian blood, is quite candid throughout, holding nothing back when it comes to past addictions and insecurities, though he’s not emo—one gets the sense that he genuinely loves being an international superstar. And who can blame him? With their shamelessly gimmicky singles and circus-clown-by-way-of-TRON motif, the Black Eyed Peas have become a worldwide phenomenon and a constant supplier of overplayed songs destined to become commercial jingles. But we already knew that; let’s focus on the more surprising bits of Fallin’ Up (named after BEP’s first B-boy single, from 1998, before they went pop). Here are 10 things we learned about Taboo from his autobiography.

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