"No one likes a tattletale!" is one of the first scoldings a young child receives. And you know what? Your teacher was right: No one does like a fucking tattletale. Mind your own business. Besides, why bring extra problems to yourself? For the greater good? Man, fuck that. Here is an fantastic example of where the greater good gets you: Forty years ago today, New York City police officer Frank Serpico was shot in the face during a drug sting. It was suspected that dirty cops set the shit up because squeaky clean Serpico had gone to the press about police corruption and become a major pain in every crooked cop's ass. Eventually the incident led to an investigation into dirty police and was the starting point for major changes in precincts all over the city. All that is good and everything, and it's cool that Al Pacino portrayed him in the Sidney Lumet's 1973 crime classic Serpico, but still: SERPICO ENDED UP WITH A BULLET IN HIS FACE. IN HIS FACE! Totally not worth it. To help you remember to zip your lips, we present 10 movie characters who learned the hard way that snitches get stitches.