Ladies and Gentleman, The Daily... Indexed.

For all the innovation packed into News Corp's new golden child, Murdoch and Co. cannot alter one immutable fact of the 21st Century: Things on the Internet want to be free.

And so, this morning, programmer/journalist Andy Baio launched a simple Tumblr blog, archiving every article published by The Daily for easy consumption by the iPadless, unwashed masses. Gratis.

He says it took about 20 minutes.

The Daily's efforts to be made for the iPad yet shared on the Web were bound to be problematic. One gets the sense that its creators are still figuring this stuff out. Asked yesterday how subscribers would be able to access the scores of backlogged articles generated by the digital newspaper each day, Editor In Chief Jesse Angelo seemed clueless.

No doubt, Murdoch is sending a cease and desist order to Baio as we speak. Perhaps he should hire him instead.

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