One of the most stressful parts of moving into a new apartment with roommates is figuring out who gets which room and then deciding how much each person will pay in rent. It becomes especially difficult if the rooms wildly vary in size and amenities. One may have a nice full bathroom while another may not have any windows or a closet (which, if you live in NYC, is more common than you think). To help you cut through the messy math is the Split the Rent Calculator.

Created by a student named Jonathan Bittner to make splitting the rent between large groups of people easier, the calculator makes you answer a number of questions regarding your apartment like, the number of inhabitants, number of rooms, the size of each room, and what features each room has or doesn't have, and then calculates the rent based on your answers. Bittner surveyed a number of people to find out which conveniences matter most and which annoyances they hate the most  when renting an apartment. We tried it out and the results seemed fair. Head over to to try it out.

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