On February 14, 1991, Hollywood spared audiences from another generic romantic comedy and opted to unleash something a bit darker into theaters: Jonathan Demme’s now-classic The Silence Of The Lambs. The still badass horror-thriller, starring Jodie Foster and Sir Anthony Hopkins as cannibalistic prison inmate Dr. Hannibal Lecter, went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture; Lecter, of course, has evolved into one of the genre’s most iconic characters, continued by Hopkins in the 2001 sequel Hannibal and spoofed countless times. In a coincidental yet neat bit of timing, the 20th anniversary of The Silence Of The Lambs lands within the same week as the latest entry into the cannibal movie canon, first-time Mexican filmmaker Jorge Michel Grau’s unique and deftly made We Are What We Are (opening in IFC theaters this Friday). It’s a feelgood story about a financially strapped family of flesh-munchers sent into desperation after the patriarch unexpectedly dies. With all this human-body-eating goodness floating around the movie world this week, we’ve put our gore-loving side to work to compile the following list of the 15 Most Disturbing Cannibals in Movies. What better way to “eat your heart out” on this fine Valentine’s Day?

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