39th St. & Market St.

This was the neighborhood where Digital Underground’s manager Sleuth-Pro’s mother lived, where DU met 2Pac for the first time, in 1989. The 2Pac legend, of course, is that he was living in Marin City at the time, hungry as fuck. He hooked up with DU, started coming to Oakland, and eventually became a roadie when they went out on tour. They put him on "Same Song” and then he became a solo act. Shock G wrote “I Get Around” for DU, but gave it to ‘Pac. Pac was also on DU’s single “Wussup Wit the Luv,” which I always thought was super-underrated.

DU were dope, they were like a jack-of-all trades group. They had this mix of party, street, and conscious which you just don’t find today, plus a collective mentality which led to a lot of creativity and musicianship. To this day, “Freaks of the Industry” is still in rotation at KMEL, even though it was never officially released as a single.

Digital Underground - "Same Song"