A lengthy interview Video Games Daily did yesterday with Valve writer Chet Faliszek reveals some juicy nuggets about the highly anticipated action-puzzle-shooter game Portal 2. Fans of the series might argue that there's no way to top the original 2007 game, and to even try to do so would be foolish. When asked about that specifically, Faliszek responded: 

“We respected the story we started with, and ran with that, so you kind of get some payoffs there if you’ve played Portal 1. And we expanded the world out a lot…. In Portal 1 you saw the testing labs and behind the scenes, and in Portal 2 there are all these different areas you can go to, you can see all these different sides of Aperture Science, and learn all this stuff about that’s going on there, about GLaDOS, and [hesitates] other things going on there… it’s so hard to talk about!"

Argh, aborted spoilers! Valve is also looking to make the puzzles in Portal 2 more complex, but not necessarily more difficult. As Faliszek said, “we try to make sure that...if you’ve figured the puzzle out, you can solve it. You don’t have this dexterity problem that you’re not going to be able to do it.”

Good god, April 21 can't come soon enough. Actually, we might just spend the next two and a half months in some kind of barbiturate haze just in the hopes of getting there faster. Anybody got a scrip? [via Video Games Daily]