Although it already sells a version of its Monopoly game in the iTunes App Store, Hasbro is looking to bring one of its most popular and iconic board games into the future with Monopoly Live. Coming to store shelves this Fall, Monopoly Live will feature a digital center tower that will replace the traditional dice, and be able to read special reflective markers in the game pieces. To roll the dice, you shield your piece from the light and the computer will roll for you. The tower will emit an infrared light that will be enable the game to know where each piece is on the board.

As for the money, that's gone too. All money transferring happens via the computer and new bankcards. There's also going to be new events like horse races, auctions, and gas taxes thrown into the game. All this new-fangled tech will run you $50. If you'd rather rock with the original, don't worry—Hasbro will still sell the original for $15.

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