Remember Ted Williams? No, not that Ted Williams. Ted Williams, the "golden-voiced" homeless man living in Ohio who shot to fame earlier this year after a video of him speaking went viral. It was a quick rise and fall for Ted: Appearances on the Today show, reunions with his estranged family, and then a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse after the police were called to his hotel because of a family squabble. Dr. Phil got involved, too! Well, it appears this unhappily ever after tale might have a happier ending.

TMZ reports that Williams will star in a reality show about his life. Second Chances at Life will show how Williams wound up on the street and how he fought his demons post-Internet fame.

Even better? According to Williams' representatives, the second season of the show will focus on other homeless people who deserve a chance. Hey, great sentiment, but shouldn't Second Chances at Life actually find a network before we start worrying about a second season?