In case you didn’t know, it’s Valentine’s Day, so make sure you send a super-special text to that special person, telling her how you feel. If you're a video game character who just got done saving humanity, though, don’t worry about it—she’ll be waiting for you in your chambers when you return from your quest or whatever. In video game worlds there’s no need for that manufactured "holiday" because 1) it’s already dumb IRL, and 2) when humanity owes you a debt, you’re automatically exempt from having to buy chocolates and roses and crap.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t project our stalky romantic feelings onto our video game personas. We all have memorable video game couples, whether we want to admit it or not. We’ve listed our favorites, so take a look after you're done ordering that artfully assembled $150 rose arrangement. Oh, and FYI, that bouquet is going to look like a vampire’s stale, thrown-up lunch by the time it arrives at your girl’s workplace, if at all. Never fails.