Twitter may not have cemented its money-making strategy, but that's not stopping people from investing in the social network. Following in Facebook's footsteps, Twitter is reportedly in talks to raise capital with the help of a new fund organized by a major bank.

The Financial Times reported that JPMorgan Chase has created a new fund known as the J.P. Morgan Digital Growth fund with the aim of investing in social media companies. According to people close to the deal, the fund is looking to acquire a minority stake in the company, which would place Twitter's value at $4.3 billion.

This is a slight raise in Twitters valuation from two months ago when it was quoted at $3.7 billion. The company has only started accepting advertising last April through services like "promoted tweets", and some analyst firms see its revenue hitting $150 million this year. The fund will only consist of money from outside and will not use any of JP's cash, and the minimum investment is set at $250,000.

All we want to know is, how can we get down?