The highly anticipated Ghostbusters 3 project has seen more delays than (insert Dr. Dre joke here). The majority of the original cast, including Sigourney Weaver, are on-board to once again ride Ecto-1, but without Bill Murray's official thumbs-up yet, nothing has felt all that concrete. Until now, that is. Digital Spy reports that director Ivan Reitman (the man behind the two existing Ghostbusters movies) has circled Ashton Kutcher's name as a strong possibility to join New York's most famous ghost-nabbing crew. In addition, Reitman (pictured above with Kutcher, on the set of their recent collaboration No Strings Attached) says that Murray has "seen [the script] and we're waiting to hear."

Since the project's first announcements, talk has focused on a younger team being shown the ropes by the elder cast, so this works in theory. But Mr. Demi Moore as one of the gang's "new recruits"? Reitman says that it's "absolutely possible" that that could happen. We here at Complex are sincere fans of the franchise, and, while he's come a long way since That '70's Show, Kutcher isn't exactly first on our list when asked, "Who you gonna call?"

What do you think? Can Ashton help attract a new generation to Ghostbusters? Share your thoughts below!