What, you don’t think Transformers is a car movie? And that we’re stretching this list’s criteria just so we can insert a gratuitous Megan Fox picture? Never that (OK, quite often that, but not in this case). The extraterrestrial Decepticons and Autobots disguise themselves as pimped-out cars, trucks, tanks, and other forms of transportation, so everything is copasetic here. Now on to more important matters, like the movie’s breakout star Megan Fox. Shia LaBeouf’s nerdy character, Sam Witwicky, first catches the eye of Fox’s out-of-his-league dreamgirl Mikaela by giving her a ride home in his yellow 1976 Camaro (actually good-bot Bumblebee). Along the way, Bumblebee fakes a breakdown, which leads Mikaela to pop his hood (hey now!) and show off her gearhead knowledge. Still don’t think she’s worthy of this list? Then we can’t do anything for you, man.