Sexy ladies and fully-loaded automobiles—what more could a guy ask for? Fine, we can think of many other desirable things: money, booze, and eternal happiness, for starters. But there’s a side of our personalities that’s perfectly happy with chugging some beers and idolizing Bo and Luke Duke. To that end, combining beautiful girls with car chases and open-road action is a foolproof way for Hollywood to earn our undivided attention. Why else do you think we’re so amped for Drive Angry 3D? Surprisingly, it’s not to just to cheer while an expectedly loopy Nicolas Cage bangs women, shoots guns, and uses a ’69 Dodge Charger to plow through the Satanic cult that killed his daughter and kidnapped her child. In addition to its three-dimensional carnage, Drive Angry 3D (opening this weekend) co-stars ultra-sexpot Amber Heard as the butt-whooping owner of the aforementioned ’69 Charger. With her thigh-revealing shorts and busty top, Heard’s role in this modern-day exploitation film is a Daisy Duke for a whole new generation. She’s also the latest example of a long-standing cinematic tradition: gorgeous members of the fairer sex in automotive pictures. Sit back, shift to neutral, and cruise with us as we count down the 15 Hottest Women in Car Movies.