While previous games had something coming close to possibly resembling something that might be confused with a narrative, MvC3 offers far more than just head-to-head Vs. mode. Instead, developers recruited Marvel writer Frank Tieri (the guy on the right up there)—who's handled everything from Deadpool to Wolverine to Punisher Noir—to craft the overarching storyline, as well as separate scenarios, cameos, and endings for each and every character. So yes, that means Chris Redfield's story will feature different cameos and a different ending than, say, She-Hulks. Cameos range from minor characters like Mole-Man to bigger deals like Ghost Rider to...well, we can't say too much too soon. Suffice it to say that some very talented people have taken great pains to make the single-player campaign a rewarding and repeatable experience.

Not only did Tieri fashion a detailed story, but Marvel's Todd Jefferson (the guy on the left up there) and Chris Baker got involved in the name of fan service to make sure that character interactions and costumes would elicit as many ZOMG moments as possible from comics heads. So Captain America has an unlockable Punisher costume, since Frank Castle once became the new Captain America. Or say you've got X-23 and Wolverine on the same team. She knows him, so she'll call him "Logan." Or Deadpool (the guy in the middle up there), in his insane fourth-wall-breaking way, might meet Ryu and mention that Street Fighter is his favorite game. We're not even fanboys like that, but it was enough to make us react, so we can't even imagine how true heads might lose their minds.