"Everyone has dreamed of undersea exploration," claims the promo video for an upcoming miniature submarine. And while we can think of a few more obvious universalities than the desire to pay Jacques Cousteau, the ocean blue does maintain a certain undeniable allure for us bipeds.

The South Korean company Raonhaje is capitalizing on that allure with its new EGO Compact Submarine. The personal submersible will enable a fortunate few with deep pockets to experience life below the surface in a small but luxurious glass-enclosed cabin. Up top, the semi submarine has two large floating partitions that can conveniently double as sun decks. Raonhaje says the battery powered electric machines can last up to 4 hours at sea and cruise at around 5 knots.

No word yet on price or availability (we're guessing "high" and "limited"), but that won't stop us from wishing for a little more EGO in our lives.

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