Today marks the five-year anniversary of one of the most bizarre and unbelievably random situations of all time. On February 11, 2006, our Vice President at the time, Dick Cheney, shot his buddy, Harry Whittington, in the face with lead pellets during a rigorous quail-hunting session. Unintentional comedy doesn't get any better than that. And, we can joke about this because dude lived (even though he had a heart-attack due to the shooting. And he stills has pellets in his body. Oh, and apparently Whittington has never received an apology, even though he apologized to Cheney.) Of course, The whole situation was a blast for all comedians and pop-culture junkies. And boy did they have their fun. So, instead of just adding on, we thought it'd be cool to hand the mic back to the professionals and showcase the best gags about the "accident" over the years. So here's our favorite Dick Cheney shooting incident gags. Fuck it, we won't lie to you: These dudes all did it better than we ever could.