So this dude Random (a.k.a. Mega Ran) has been doing his thing for a few years, making tracks from video game scores and putting out albums, like Mega Ran 9 and Forever Famicon, that recreate the storylines of various old-school games. He's worked with Mistah FAB and Fashawn before, but nothing he did really caught our ear—until now. To be honest, we kinda fux with this new one, Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII. Guess what it's about? Yeah, that's the one. With tracks like "Cloud Strife," "Aerith," and "Cosmo Canyon," you can tell dude's a serious FF head, and he's nowhere near as annoying as other "nerdcore" rappers (think reedy voice and Kingdom Hearts references). Is a Mega Ran x Mega Sean in the offing? Only time will tell.

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