Cue that signature Netpunes-produced percussion, that jabbing drum-machine thump, because this drink is grindin'. No, really, the name of the drink has "ground" in the title and packs a punch from red pepper puree, but that's probably as far as the similarities between the Summit Bar's Ground to Glass and the Clipse classic "Grindin'" extend.

The Summit Bar in the East Village features an impressive cocktail list, resplendent with old-school classics and next-level creations. The Ground to Glass is decidedly next-level, mixing blanco tequila with bitters, fresh-squeezed lime, cucumber, red pepper puree. They finish it off by lining the glass with hickory smoked salt. Sipping on this bloodred concoction will set your wallet back $10, and set your lips to tingling.

Ground to Glass
The Summit Bar
133 Ave C, New York