The rumor mill just keeps on spinning, as news of Bungie's next rumored project has hit the web. Kotaku has found an erstwhile employee of the developer who clearly feels some kind of way about something, and has divulged some info on their next game, said to be titled Destiny. The cat's officially out of the bag, son!

Destiny (oddly codenamed "Tiger" for reasons we can't figure out) is said to be a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter. The game will supposedly run on a swanky new graphics engine made by the Bungie crew, and will have some unique online matchmaking features. It's already been dubbed "World of Warcraft in space", just in case that thought hadn't already popped into your head when we said "Halo MMO." These rumors come on the heels of some believable evidence: at last year's GDC Online, Bungie creative director Joseph Staten said that the studio might be creating an "online persistent world." And if you needed more evidence of the veracity of the claims, the minds behind Halo and Marathon have already announced that they're currently developing a multi-platform release for Activision Blizzard. Anonymous source or no anonymous source, this sounds solid. Subscription fees ahoy! [via Gamer Sushi]

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