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he Grand Theft Auto series was close to never happeningPC Gamer

The truth has finally come out regarding the “fan-made” Mortal Kombat video that went viral last year. Apparently, the director, Kevin Tancharoen, was trying to get the short film to Warner Bros., and he attempted to upload the video to a private channel on YouTube, but WEB FAIL. The good news is the new Mortal Kombat series is a go. [Gamasutra]

Dark Souls (previously known as Project Dark) has now been officially revealed as a spiritual successor to hardest-game-ever Demon’s Souls. While the games don’t take place in the same world or even follow the same story, the RPG gameplay will be similar. The ludicrous thing is the developer (From Software) claims that the game will be much more difficult than the previous installation. Yeah, that's a skip for us. [Joystiq

Powerful. Ground-breaking. Broken? Intel revealed yesterday that there's a problem with their new Sandy Bridge processors. The issue is with its SATA 3 GB/s ports--apparently they fail after prolonged periods of high-volume use. Production has been halted, distributors are scrambling, and early adopters are panicking. A fixed version of the boards will available in March, but for now hardcore gamers, looking to upgrade are screwed. [Tom's Hardware]

By Richie Procopio