Have you been aimlessly watching television since Jack Bauer and 24 went off the air? Are you bored with killing untold thousands during a nightly game of Call of Duty? Then Cinemax has the show for you!

The network has just announced that they'll air Strike Back, about an American Special Forces agent who teams up with a British military unit to "stop an international terrorist group." So, yeah: Call of Duty mixed with Jack Bauer. The series is based on a British show and book, but will be given an "international" makeover for U.S. audiences. (Fun fact: Andrew Lincoln, of The Waking Dead, co-starred in the original.)

The 10-part series will debut later this summer, but it's significant because it marks the first series that Cinemax will attempt, allowing them to join the big boys of HBO, Starz, Showtime and AMC in the original cable programming game. Looks like the ol' reliable late night staple won't be just for skin flicks any longer.