Xbox and PS3 gamers have been playing the "Collapsed Building" Echoes level of Bulletstorm non-stop since the demo released. If you're a PC gamer and have been feeling left out, though, don't fret. Mark Melin, VP of Epic Games, has confirmed via Twitter that a demo version will be released for the PC, but not before the game releases tomorrow.

Even better news: if you purchase Bullestorm from the Games for Windows shop between February 22 and March 8, you'll receive a copy of Gears of War for free. Of course, tons of folks may already have the original GoW, but it's a sweet deal: two of the best (and brotasticest) shooters around for the price of one. Bulletstorm will be priced at the usual AAA $59.99, and Gears of War can be bought alone for $19.99.  So basically, you're saving $20 which is nothing to scoff at. If you were going to buy Bulletstorm on the PC anyway, why the hell not get Gears of War for nada? [via Gamers Mint]