To beta or not to beta: that is the question. On one hand, developers can glean a deluge of useful information from having massive amounts of players crawling over their soon-to-be released title. On the other hand, many beta tests these days amount to little more than a marketing ploy where players get a free demo and provide limited feedback.Either way, developer Splash Damage has stated that there will not be an open beta phase for their upcoming shooter, Brink. Apparently, they didn’t like how the open beta went with their previous title, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, and have now stated: “We consciously decided to keep the beta private and put it in the hands of folks with prior beta testing experience.” Closed betas aren't necessarily a bad thing, but new IPs tend to benefit from whatever exposure they can get, especially when the game offers something innovative like the online multiplayer story mode that Brink is based on. We’ll see if the closed-door policy pays off when Brink hits shelves in May. [via VG 24/7]