With all the daily dramas caused by predictive text input, it's perhaps not so surprising that eventually one would end in violence. But a recent tragic confrontation in London— in which an unintended word eventually led to a bloody stabbing death— may represent a chilling new low for the oft-bemoaned cell phone feature.

Briton Neil Brook has been found guilty of the manslaughter of his neighbor Josef Witkowski, whom he stabbed to death in a violent encounter at Brook's home. Brook said Witkowski came over in a rage after a text conversation between them got heated due to a perceived insult. Witkowski reportedly got a message from Brook calling him a "nutter," or British slang for crazy person, when Brook meant to say "mutter."

Brook claims Witkowski came to his apartment brandishing a knife, and when the two got into a scuffle, he killed Witkowski with his own knife that he kept stashed away. Witkowski suffered over 100 stab wounds, and Brook is expected to receive a "lengthy" jail sentence.

So, yeah, go ahead and make that call (or at least Gchat!) the next time you get into a heated argument . The life you save could be your own.

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