Verizon may be sucking up headlines with its iPhone 4 coup, but the jilted lovers over at AT&T are moving on with a first of their own: 4G. The HTC Inspire is headed to AT&T on Feb 12, beating Big Red's own 4G HTC phone, the Thunderbolt, by at least a day or two.

AT&T is so far offering HSPA+ networks as its "4G" option, which is the same thing T-Mobile's been doing for a few months now. Whether HSPA+ offers the same speeds as Sprint's WiMaxx or Verizon's upcoming LTE is a matter of some dispute.

Either way, AT&T customers suffering under 3G like molasses can take comfort: Better, faster times are coming soon. The Inspire is no slouch, either, offering one of those pocket-stretching 4.3-inch screens, an 8 megapixel camera, thin unibody enclosure, and Android 2.2 with the latest version of HTC's Sense interface, complete with a new find-my-phone feature. All for reportedly only $99.

If you don't wanna brave the weather on the 12th, register to order online here.