With cars that can park themselves, phones that can act as your personal computer, and robots that can clean your floor while you're at work, it's safe to say we're in a pretty good place technologically speaking. A lot of the ideas that were once thought to be absolutely impossible are now apart of our everyday lives. That said, there's still a bunch of tech that we wish we were able to use, but can't because, well, they don't really exist.

Writers and directors have done a great job at crafting what we believe a futuristic society should be, and the tools people in that society would use. We all thought by the time we were grown that sidewalks would glide us along, cars would fly, and that we'd be able to control our computers without touching them. But, alas, we can only experience such awesomeness in movie, TV shows, and books. But that's cool with us. Before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences give out its Scientific and Technical Awards this Sunday to the people who made most of favorite fake tech, we decided to look at the 50 Fictional Technologies We Wish Existed.

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