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Japanese animation/film director Hideaki Anno first showcased Neon Genesis Evangelion—a 26-episodes-long television series—in 1995. Since then the superflat-influenced, Kabbalistic, and bitterly hard to absorb apocalyptic battles between giant robotic creatures called EVAs against hostile monsters known as Angels have turned into a multi-million-dollar franchise spawning three theatrical releases, a manga series, and countless action figures that continue to rape wallets of otakus everywhere. The above trailer showcases the second installment to a tetralogy known as Rebuild of Evangelion, which came out in Japan two years ago (with a better trailer). It's finally getting a U.S. release on January 21, so give this post-modernistic piece drenched with psychological and philosophical motifs a try. You'll be hooked, and start asking yourself, "Why's Shinji such a bitch?"

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