It's Wednesday evening. Your wifey's role playing Sex and the City with her friends, while your jumpoff's caught up with her kid. You're stuck in a movie theater with two knuckleheads you knew back in high school who aren't too fond of reading subtitles or analyzing themes. For souls like you, we present The Mechanic, a remake of the '70s action-thriller film, which starred Charles Bronson. The 2011 version—hitting theaters on January 28—is directed by the same guy (Simon West) who brought us Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Con Air, so in all honesty, we're not expecting much. Don't get us wrong, Jason Statham can crack skulls like we kill our covers, and Ben Foster (The Messenger) is definitely someone to look out for. But who really watches these type of films for K.O.S? Dead obvious plot? Check. Nudity? Check. Guns blazing? Done. Your buddies will be happy, and you will too.

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