tiger12Since Tiger Woods is no longer the global phenomenon he was before his ex-chick allegedly took a 9-iron to his dome, EA Sports is using different ways to bolster the appeal of the Tiger Woods PGA Golf franchise. Today they announced a collaboration with Augusta National, the home of the Masters tournament. This is the first time that the storied course has ever been featured on Tiger Woods PGA Tour—and it's also the first time that Tiger's likeness doesn't appear on box art. This is kind of a big deal, considering that this is the closest most of us will ever get to rocking a green jacket or even stepping foot on the uppity southern golf course.

The game, which hits stores on March 29 in the US, includes a gang of new features, including the ability to relive historic moments along with Tiger's previous Masters wins (we see you, NBA 2K11!), a caddie experience, over 20 new players and the ability to punch Fuzzy Zoeller in the nuts a revamped career mode. It looks like all that the game is missing is Tiger's jump-offs. Unless that's what they meant by "18-hole course"... *ducks*

By Branden Peters