Forget about what Ricky Bobby said; sometimes it’s OK to be second best. It's no mystery that, since the early days of Hollywood, leading men have traditionally been of the Caucasian persuasion, but that doesn’t mean that a movie’s white star can always handle the whole weight. As is the case in The Green Hornet, there's often a non-white No. 2 present to pick up the slack, if not walk away with the entire movie or show. In The Green Hornet, which topped the box office this past weekend, Seth Rogen stars as Britt Reid, a young newspaper publisher who becomes the titular masked avenger; to help his cause, Reid brings an employee, Kato (played by Taiwanese actor Jay Chou), along on the missions. With his martial arts prowess and strong comic timing, Chou dominates nearly all of his scenes, continuing the long-standing tradition of memorable and racially diverse subordinates to melanin-free leads. Here, Complex counts down the 25 Best Non-White Sidekicks in Movies and TV. “Color blind” our ass.

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