By Dominic Green
At Complex, we love to throw spotlight on the college experience, particularly the outside the classroom activities. Whether it’s places to stuff your face with great late night food or the best spots to grab a beer and watch the big game, we've got the "letting loose" part of the college game covered. But every once in a while, we like to put down the pizza and beer and reminisce on the more high-minded pursuits of our school days.

Many Historically Black Colleges and Universities have been around since the end of the Civil War, and showcase their rich history and tradition through their architecture. And with prominent alumni shelling more money into their alma maters, a lot of these campuses are adding million dollar buildings that feature state of the art technology that rival the (other) top tier schools in the country. Yet we've never seen a list highlighting these campuses. So whether you attended one of these schools or are just now learning what HBCU stands for, peep our list of The 20 Most Beautiful Historically Black College and University Campuses and check some of that history for yourself. And yes, afterward we can have a pizza and a beer and quibble over the rankings.