By Chester Berry @ChessNoCheckers
When I order a burger that's exactly what I want. Save the poblano peppers, blue cheese, and all that jazz for the next guy. I like to keep things simple: a quality patty, plus fresh bread, American cheese, and some barbecue sauce adds up to heaven on a bun for me. So when my stomach began to rumble during a recent hard day's work I headed to the nearest New York Burger Co. to handle the situation.

If there is one thing NYC doesn't have a shortage of, it's burger joints. So what makes this spot any different? Options. Between living in North Carolina, California, Denver, and New Jersey, I've been to my fair share of quickie burger joints, and only a few give you the option of choosing how your burger is cooked. I went with a medium well cheese skyscraper (aka double) smothered in burger sauce. The sauce is rockin' and it's the only one I've ever used there, but you've got other choices as well. As I went ham on my meal I only noticed one significant problem. The lettuce was way to soggy—it was reminiscent of eating wet paper. Unlike this lady, paper consumption isn't appetizing to me. But all in all I didn't regret my choice, although I had a difficult time returning to work due to the Angus beef induced case of the itis. Want a good burger done your way but not in the mood for traditional fast food? Definitely give this place a try.

New York Burger Co.: The Pickin' Burgers Index

Price: 3 ($10.95).
Convenience: 2 (only 3 locations in 1 state).
Taste: 7. The burger itself was decent but the lettuce lost me. The sauce is what made the $10 burger worth it. That's just me so don't be afraid to stop in and come to your own conclusions.
Total: 12 (out of 20).
The Pickin' Burgers Index explained:
Taste is ranked on a 10-point scale, and is entirely subjective, entirely at each individual reviewer's discretion.
Price and Convenience are objective measurements on a 5-point scale. For Price, a "5" is given to burgers costing less than $2.50, a "4" to burgers costing $2.50 to $10, with a point drop for each subsequent $5 price increase (a "3" for $10-$15, a "2" for $15-$20, etc., to a "1" for $20+).
For Convenience, a "5" is awarded to burgers served at over 1000 locations, a "4" to burgers served at 100-1000 locations in more than 30 states, a "3" to burgers served at 10-100 locations in more than one state, a "2" to burgers served at more than one location in a city or region, and a "1" to burgers served at one location.