#1: THE WICKER MAN (2006)
Cage’s performance in this all-around dreadful remake is awful, yet ironically the miscast actor is the production’s saving grace. Hilarious for all the wrong reasons, The Wicker Man is by far the funniest movie Cage has made to date. This unnecessary Hollywood redo of a rather brilliant 1973 British chiller has become infamous, mostly for Cage’s overacting (“Not the beeeees!”) and the script’s sheer ridiculousness. His policeman character sucker punches one woman, karate-kicks another, and then prances around in a bear suit before snuffing one more lady in the face. The saddest, not to mention the most humorous, thing about The Wicker Man is that it’s meant to be a shocking horror film, not a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it comedy of filmmaking errors.