google_demos_android_30_honeycomb_on_prototype_motorola_tablet_1 A common gripe with the current crop of Android-powered tablets has been the fact that, as it stands, Google's Android operating system is not built for larger touchscreen computers. Today, Google gave the world a peek at its upcoming, tablet-focused OS, Android 3.0. Codenamed Honeycomb, the new Android software brings along a host of new intuitive features like a "holographic" user interface, a completely redesigned Chrome browser featuring tabbed browsing, and the all-new Google Maps 5. We've yet to use it, but judging from the above video and all the new Android tablets (like Motorola's new Xoom) being released at CES, it looks like the iPad may finally have some real competition. [Google Mobile Blog]

Apple's long-awaited Mac App Store has finally launched, with over a thousand apps ready for purchase. If you have Mac OS X 10.6, give it a shot and tell us what you think. [Apple]

The company that popularized wireless charging is planning to bring the technology to your car. [CrunchGear]

This may be the deal of the month: Apple is selling the iPhone 3GS for $50! [Engadget]

Monster Cable—the company behind Beats by Dr. Dre—is once again teaming up with the ghost of Miles Davis for a new headphone model. [NY Times' Gadget Wise]

We can't wait until Microsoft starts selling these things to consumers. Then we can really get on our Minority Report ish. [DVICE]

The iPad's Safari browser not cutting it? Try out the full-featured Perfect browser. Hurry up before the price raises again. [Life Hacker]