Movies: According to screenwriter Ivan Reitman, the script for the much-speculated about Ghostbusters 3 is good enough to film and has been sent to star Bill Murray. Who you gonna call? Moviefone, for tickets to this shit on opening night, that's who. [AP]

Politics: Mary Bono Mack, the widow of Sonny Bono turned Republican Rep of California, clearly learned a thing or two from her late rock star ex. Photos have recently popped up on Radar Online of disgraced former billionaire Edra Blixseth (we didn't know who she was either, don't worry) licking her breast. Google image search them for a creepy mental image! [Huffington Post]

Crime: Comedian Mike Epps is being sued for punching a photographer at the Key Club in Detroit—to the tune of a million bucks. The photog's calling it a "brutal beating," and even claiming that some of Epps's friends fired shots at him after the fight. We'll see who gets the last laugh. [TMZ]

Celebrities: Not that anyone really cares, but apparently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might boycott the Oscars this year because of this year's co-host, Anne Hathaway. Turns out, Katie's kind of a whiny bitch, and wasn't at all amused by the fact that her former friend Anne made fun of her in a skit on SNL during her recent hosting gig. Alas, there goes the chance to pretend that Cruise and his pretend wife are having a threesome with Hathaway. [Pop Eater]

Comics: Betty White, superwoman, is now immortalized in a comic book! Hell yeah. But don't run to your local comic book store yet—apparently the biographical Female Force: Betty White is already sold out, despite only being on the shelves for less than a day. Like her aged yet sought after vagina, there's no need to knock the dust off those shelves. [Comic Book Resources]