The premise of Retired at 35, TV Land's disappointing half-hour comedy that premiered last Wednesday, sounds pretty sweet. Tired of working in the frantic New York City business world, an accomplished 35-year-old guy (Jonathan McClain) calls it quits and moves into his parents' (George Segal and Arrested Development's Jessica Walters) plush Florida retirement home. If only things were that easy in the real world, right? Retired at 35 might fall into the comedy realm, but, for us hard-working folk, it's as much of a fantasy as Dungeons & Dragons. Speaking of dream scenarios, the show got us thinking about some other early retirements we'd love to see, but for far less satisfactory reasons. The movie and TV industries are replete with promising young talents, yet for every two wunderkinds there's at least one underdeveloped actor or actress getting by simply on his or her good looks or charm. The idea behind TV Land's new sitcom got us thinking: Are there any below-35 duds working in Hollywood who should seriously consider the show's fictional plan? The answer was a resounding "Yes"; in fact, we hit double digits. Here are our picks for the 10 Actors Who Should Retire at 35, because, well, the celluloid game doesn't really need them.