Major League Baseball 2K10 was the Jesse Spano of video games: brainy and beautiful, but ultimately just not the hottest girl in the room. That honor went to the PS3-exclusive MLB 10: The Show, the Kelly Kapowski of baseball games. Still, the beauty of game development—especially for sports games—is that a new year brings a new opportunity for 2K Sports to try and go all Showgirls with their baseball franchise and compete with its sexier rival. With about six weeks to go until the game's March 8 release, we were able to spend some quality time with MLB 2K11 and get a feel for some of the new features that gamers will experience when entering the virtual diamond. You know 2K Sports isn't going down without a fight, so check out five of the coolest things that may help this year’s title hit it out of the park...

By Troy Mounis

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