The rumor mill had been spinning up (like a minigun) over the past few weeks, but yesterday the truth swooped in (like a Valkyrie rocket) and left a giant flaming streak on our MLK Day (like a napalm strike). It's official: the first Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack is on the way. Dubbed the "First Strike" pack, the DLC includes five maps: Kowloon; Berlin Wall; Stadium; Discovery; and the zombie map Ascension. And, of course, each has its own particular charm. Kowloon's got working ziplines, Berlin Wall has a—wait, ziplines? SOLD. In all seriousness, it actually sounds like the multiplayer team at Treyarch listened to the community, taking pains to make both bigger, taller maps for sniper options (Berlin Wall)—something many Black Ops players felt were missing—as well as smaller, frenetic maps a la Nuketown (Stadium). To be fair, we haven't yet seen full gameplay on these, but we have a feeling it'll be coming soon enough. Check out the video to get a look at the maps before they're released on Feb. 1 on Xbox Live (PS3 comes later) for 1200 Microsoft points.